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Catering at Foxcombe Hall

Our catering has been designed by chef Numra Siddiqui, of London based Empress Market.

Numra’s passion for food has led to a kaleidoscope of experience over the years. She has trained at Leiths School of Food & Wine, and consults as a chef for some of London’s leading catering companies. Numra has gone on to share the kitchen with some of the best chefs out there - Noor Murad of Ottolenghi’s kitchen, Georgina Hayden, Anna Haugh and Clodagh McKenna to name but a few.

Storytelling is at the heart of every meal Numra cooks. She believes good hospitality is more than just food, but an expression of who we are and where we wish to go in the world.

All of our food is served on family style sharin platters, creating a delightful and enticing centre piece to be shared amongst everyone. This encourages a more inclusive and informal way of eating with guests passing food around and sharing the experience together.

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