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Dry Hire vs Serviced Weddings: Crafting Your Perfect Setup

For you and your beloved, the first deicision you may have to make when planning a wedding is deciding between two organising principles — the autonomy of the "dry hire" method versus the all-encompassing ease of a serviced wedding package. Both have their unique appeal, yet each requires a distinct set of preparations and expectations.

We understand the allure of the DIY approach, particularly for those who yearn for a highly personalised touch in their special day. It’s about having the freedom to choose each supplier according to your unique desires and vision, crafting an event that’s truly your own. There's also a genuine opportunity to manage your budget more effectively through mixing and matching suppliers, allowing you to allocate funds to the aspects of your wedding that matter most to you. It’s this flexibility and potential for cost savings that make the DIY route so appealing, offering you control over creating an event that's as unique as your love story.

However, for many couples, this is the first time you're organising an event of this magnitude. It's not like planning a casual gathering, there are many elements that non-experienced event organisers may overlook. Though the DIY route offers a canvas for your unique touch, it's essential to consider the potential pitfalls that can come with event planning. You really don't want your significant day to end up being just about managing tasks and coordinating with vendors. Amidst the excitement and eagerness to personalise, it's vital to remember the importance of experiencing and genuinely enjoying the moments of your special day. 

At Red Kite Love, we handpick suppliers we've built strong, trustworthy relationships with over the years, because we know how crucial it is for your vision to come to life exactly as you dreamt it. These relationships ensure there are no hidden surprises - especially when it comes to fees. We understand the importance of transparency and reliability in making your special day as seamless and stress-free as possible. Our approach significantly minimises risks, giving you peace of mind. We believe in a partnership where your wishes and trust are held in the highest regard, ensuring that the realisation of your wedding day is as beautiful and unique as you imagined while also considering for your budget.

What is Dry Hire

Defining dry hire

In its simplest form, dry hire is the process of hiring a venue or space without any additional services, staff, or equipment provided. Our venue at Foxcombe Hall — all emptied of the propriety that defines them, and ready to be filled, fashioned, and frivolled by your own hand.

The drive for independence

The allure of dry hire is magnetic for couples who yearn to sculpt a wedding that bleeds their personality. Roses from your grandmother's garden wrapped in ribbons you wove yourself, a dessert table laden with family recipes, and fairy lights strung from rafter to rafter to recreate the stars of the night you first confessed your love — this level of personal touch is why aspiring brides and grooms sometimes want to forgo the convenience of full-service.

Beware the pitfalls

However, the magic of dry hire can cast a shadow. The burden of organising can grow like an overfed bouquet, threatening the joy the day was meant to bring. Trudging through insurance policies for equipment, managing deliveries that seem to come with their own weekend dates, and navigating the labyrinth of suppliers. It's also crucial to remember that each venues differ in what they provide for dry hire, such as some request you to pay clean-up fees, heating, and electricity.

Serviced Weddings

We understand the venue

At Foxcombe Hall, our deep familiarity with every inch of this venue ensures that we are uniquely positioned to make your special day unfold seamlessly both through design and functionality. We understand the nuances that turn a space from merely functional to truly magical. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that every element, from the lighting that bathes your ceremony in a warm glow to the acoustics carrying the laughter and music of celebration, is meticulously attended to.

The assurance of professionals

At the heart of a events lies in the strength of its relationships. Each supplier in our network has been handpicked for their reliability, quality, and the sheer passion they pour into their craft. We work closely with these professionals, nurturing long-lasting relationships built on trust and shared commitment to creating your perfect day. This ensures not only the smooth execution of your wedding but also guarantees that every detail resonates with authenticity and love.

Time, effort, and finances

Time and money are the true currencies of the wedding realm, with dry hire often demanding in the former and deceivingly guarding the latter.

It's a common misconception that choosing a serviced option for your wedding automatically means stretching your budget tighter than it can bear. We're here to share a perspective that sees beyond the initial numbers. The true value in opting for a serviced wedding lies in the peace of mind and assurance it provides. It's about knowing that what you pay for isn't just a location, but a promise - a promise that you won't be left navigating unforeseen problems, stress, or unexpected bills as your big day approaches.

Our Promise

We understand that your wedding day is a reflection of your unique love story and personal style. It's a day where every detail counts, a canvas for your dreams to be vividly painted on. While we pride ourselves on being a serviced venue, we firmly believe in the beauty of personalisation. Our team is committed to ensuring that, in every way possible, we offer flexibility to incorporate your individual preferences, desires, and tastes. From design styling to production choices, we're here not just to suggest but to listen and adapt, making sure that the elements of your day celebrate who you are.

If your heart is set on choosing a dry hire for your special day, we wholeheartedly support your decision and want to ensure that it unfolds as smoothly and beautifully as you've imagined. We still strongly recommend considering the support of a professional wedding planner. Even in dry-hire circumstances we promise to extend our full support by coordinating with your planner and suppliers, allowing you to focus solely on the joy and love that your wedding day represents.

Written by Red Kite Love
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